A Word from the Principal


My name is Rose Raymond-Silvester. Last week I was given the opportunity to go from being the Principal of the Worthing Vocal Academy to Principal of The Vocal Academy’s in Sussex. I was of course thrilled and happy to take on this role. I thought I would give everyone an introduction to myself as well as an insight into where we have come and what we are doing going forward.

A bit about me.....

I studied Vocals & Professional Musicianship at BIMM when I was 16 for 4 years and was a professional singer for 5 years, singing across the country at various functions, from pubs to corporate events and weddings. The two memorable gigs I had was singing at an army barracks for a party prior to the soldiers deploying to Iraq. My second was being involved in a choir to sing the national anthem at the O2 Arena for the England vs. Argentina polo match which was filmed for Sky Sports (that was a tricky one trying to walk straight with my heals in the horses sand!). Whilst I was a singer, I was a presenter for my own radio show - Rose's Radio Showcase at Radio Free Brighton (this was back before podcasts existed!) and I taught privately and at Sussex Academy of Music. I had my own originals band and performed at various showcases. Finally I took a role as A&R Co-ordinator at a start up indie label before taking a break from music altogether. After approximately 5 1/2 years of working in various travel jobs (which I really hated, travel isn’t for me, was never something I enjoyed and my geography is truly rubbish!) I was pregnant with my daughter when I realised that I had the opportunity to have a career change so I decided to get back into teaching, which was the BEST decision I have ever made! I get to sing for a living and help so many people. A lot of people think that people have lessons to become the next Ariana Grande and I can tell you that isn’t the case, many people come because of confidence issues, depression, anxiety, breathing issues or simply because they love to sing and just want to get better at it. The lessons are cathartic for people as it’s a huge release and form of escapism for that hour. 

Joining The Vocal Academy

Once I had started my own company I was headhunted by Lucinda Bristow, owner of The Vocal Academy’s and together we set up The Vocal Academy - Worthing. In the first year it went from strength to strength, teaching from my living room to then obtaining a studio to teach from and then getting a full capacity that I couldn’t take anymore students on. From there, I became Principal of Worthing and we handpicked the three teachers we have now, Emily-Rose, Jacinda & Emilie. They are all professional, personable and very experienced and we are very lucky to have them on board. Recently the decision has been made to expand further with a Horsham Academy and a Hove Academy. So that’s my history in a nutshell! 13 years seems to have flown by (although I’m exhausted just writing it, let alone living it! As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised what’s important and I would like to achieve in my life, for me, that is doing something that I love and also do something that makes a difference. I’m so lucky that this job does just that!

Future Plans for The Vocal Academy

So things we have lined up for the future: We will be building up these academies and we have the TVA Showcases. We have recently moved from the venue we were using (The Charles Dickens) as we have outgrown it so for the next Showcase on the 7th December we have moved to the Lancing Parish Hall which is a big hall with a big stage! It looks super impressive and will be amazing for our students & RRS Clients to perform there! The last showcase we raised money for an organisation called Kids Blossom, which provides respite for parents and carers of children with additional needs. This Showcase we will be doing the same so we would like anyone and everyone there to show their support to our singers as well as raise money for a brilliant cause.The Vocal Academy is also in partnership with RRS Agency, which is a talent agency & artist development company that mentors artists/singers as well as sources auditions, paid work and performance experience. It acts as a stepping stone for singers to make it in the music industry. So that’s it from me! The Vocal Academy is a FANTASTIC place for anyone wanting to learn to sing, of any age. As you can see I’ve worked a fair bit in the industry and what I love about TVA is that it puts people first. The care for our students is paramount and it’s a nice balance of technical work and singing the songs you love so that you enjoy your lessons.For enquiries on the TVA Christmas showcase or for lessons in Horsham, Hove or Worthing please email sing@thevocalacademy.co.uk .For more info on RRS Agency please visit https://roseraysilvsinging.wixsite.com/worthingagency xx

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